By Grade

Visual and Performing Arts (non-core):

FPC’s visual and performing arts program is based on a sequential introduction of the California State Content Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts:

1.0 Artistic Perception

2.0 Creative Expression

3.0 Historical and Cultural Context

4.0 Aesthetic Valuing

5.0 Connections, Relationships, Applications


The visual arts are integrated with all other curricular and content areas in all grades.

• English language development is a focal point as students are given the opportunity to discuss their shared art experiences with each other.

• Elements of art can be observed in every day instructional activities.

• Age-appropriate projects, which incorporate correct use of materials, introduction of various art techniques and media, are explored extensively at these grade levels.

• All students participate in at least one performance for parents, which incorporates visual and/or performing arts.

The key disciplines of visual arts and music are addressed through weekly instruction provided by a part-time visual arts teacher and music teacher. Lessons focus on the Common Core State Standards and are sequenced to correlate with language arts, history/social science, and science units.